UK Aid Provide 20 Wash Stations

We’ve been funded to improve hand washing in Uganda.

We have secured nearly £50,000 from the Small Charities Challenge Fund, to provide hand-washing equipment and improve sanitation in 20 schools across the Kumi district, plus educate children and the community on how to prevent the spread of deadly viruses such as Coronavirus and Rotavirus. 

This funding will be used to install hand-washing stations outside the toilets, improve school latrines, provide classrooms with portable water butts for hand-washing, and educate the children and their teachers on best hygiene practice and why it’s important. 

During the Covid Pandemic, part of the funding will also be used to support the five health facilities in the sub-county of Mukongoro, with soap, hand-washing equipment and official PPE. Similarly, we will provide the daily Mukongoro food market with hand-washing equipment along with the local police station. 

We know, on current evidence, that washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhoeal diseases by 42–47% and interventions to promote handwashing could save millions of lives across the world. We expect this government-aided project to safeguard the health of nearly 16,000 people in Kumi, Uganda.

Can you help?

In Atutur Hospital, Kumi, nurses are being expected to carry out daily tasks without soap, hand sanitizer or PPE. Can you help us raise £5,112 to provide nearly 3 month’s supply of these materials to 16 health facilities across the sub-counties of Nyero and Kanyumu, Kumi; and Koindu, Sierra Leone? 

Everyone is very happy with the tanks. All of the washing equipment will help between 800 and 1,200 children in each school. This will help them to be much healthier in the future.

Ben Omoding – Teams4U Representative