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Tackling poverty not just where it hits the roof over your head or whether there is food in your stomach but where it robs a child of their self-esteem, their motivation to achieve and their ability to dream.

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Sample Itinerary:

Day 1

Tour of the amazing Kampala Animal Sanctuary, where you’ll see endangered wild white Rhinos and feed the Giraffes.

Day 2 – 6

Travel with the team from the Aids Information Centre to one primary school each day (the medical team from AIC will be conducting the HIV/AIDs, Hep A and Cervical Cancer tests – volunteers may get involved if they have the appropriate medical training) and run ball games with songs, dramas and (where appropriate) partnering with our Ugandan team delivering sex education and the Develop with Dignity programme.

Day 7 & 8

Church in Mukongoro (an optional cultural experience!) and BBQ before rolling out the empowerment programme in another school, then on day 8 we’ll head to the final school of the trip.

Day 9 – 10

Wind down in a local resort overlooking the beautiful Nile river and prepare for the travel home on the last day.

“It was great to be on a team that had such a positive impact and where each member of the team were fully engaged and involved in delivering the programme!”

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