Sierra Leone

The economy of Sierra Leone has been devastated from successive years of civil war and compounded by the recent and deadly outbreak of Ebola in 2014.

The World Health Organisation reported the capital, Freetown, the worst hit with over a third of the countries’ cases of Ebola being reported in that one city. In such a torn apart place with many families having lost loved ones and providers we feel that our programme of empowering young women into accessible trades is invaluable for their future and the future of their communities.

“Investing in girls and women isn’t just morally right, it is essential for the development of families, communities and countries. When we educate girls, we see reduced child deaths, healthier children and mothers, fewer child marriages and faster economic growth”

Julia Gillard, Girl’s Education Forum 2016.

Vocational Training

In subsistence farming economies where there are many barriers to education, gaining a skill such as hairdressing, tailoring or catering can guarantee an income and secure the future for a young person struggling to gain regular employment.

“I want to learn something that will help me take care of my children and myself”
Our vocational centre is in the community of Yam’s Farm, just outside Freetown, and currently teaches trades to 32 women, mostly young single mothers with little to no formal education. The two year course is their gateway to find employment, or set up their own business, and give them financial security.

Please support these young women who are bravely pursuing their educations in the hope of a better life.