This is a new project for us and currently revolves around providing training for the 50+ strong team of volunteers in Belarus on how to effectively deliver their objectives plus connecting them with UK leaders, experienced in the realities of fostering and adoption.

Our partners in Belarus aim for children to flourish in families or in-care. They support families to care for their children well (rather than give them up to orphanages), support families to adopt and children to settle into their adoptive families. They also work in orphanages to give children the care, life skills, training and fun they need to flourish during their childhood and adult life.  

Our partners do this through trainings and consultations with families, support for young mothers and weekly clubs and holiday camps for those in orphanages. Clubs and camps involve, fun, conversations about pertinent topics like choosing good friends and how to deal with betrayal, life skills such as cooking and growing food, help with homework and help developing children’s skills and talents.  

When children thrive, we see them break generational cycles of dysfunctional parenting, addiction and imprisonment. Children can pursue study and work and have healthy relationships. 


“It was so exciting to see such a young team of passionate volunteers striving to see children from difficult backgrounds flourish in a family environment. Partnering with them to take some of these children on summer camps was an undeniably humbling experience as we watched these children grow in self-esteem and confidence.”

Dave Cooke, June 2015

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