No free time? Can’t go out?

Why not let us do all the work for you? This year we are offering you the chance to give a shoebox to a child in Eastern Europe without having to do the legwork.
For just £20 (which includes the transport donation), we will collect the items, make the box and send it out to a child in need at Christmas.
All you need to do visit the Donate page and select the option to ‘Donate a shoebox’ and we’ll do everything else for you!


So I can just pay £20 and someone will make a shoebox for me?

Yes! It really is that simple. Donate £20 on the link above and we’ll make sure that a child gets a shoebox from you.

“More than ever, children need to know we’ve not forgotten them. People are suffering this year and your support is needed more than ever.”
Raul Gherle -Teams4U’s partner in Romania

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