Romania Homeless Project

We are working with our partner Raul Gherle in Romania to bring regular support to homeless families and individuals in the county of Bihor.

It was estimated that during 2020 there were over 15,000 homeless people in Romania.

The biggest hurdle for these people is getting the correct identity papers, without these it’s impossible to get state support, access to the national health system or financial support. It also makes the prospects of finding work and somewhere to live very difficult.

4 years ago Simona and her extended family lived outdoors, they had no identity papers and so weren’t able to access any support. Raul arranged a shipping container for Simona’s daughter Ioana and her 2 children Bianca and Radica, which now provides somewhere warm and safe to live.

photograph of container being lifted by crane

Raul was also able to help her family get the correct identity papers so they may access state health support. Raul not only provides warm clothing and food parcels but also helps the family with trips to the doctors.

Narcisa is 7 years old, she was thrilled to receive a Teams4U shoebox, her dream is to be able to go to school  “I want to learn to read and write”.

“I want to learn to read and write”

Narcisa – 8 years old
Photograph of Narsisa
Photograph of Simonas house, made of pallets and boxes
Simonas house
Raul chatting with a member of the Bors family inside the container
Raul chatting with Ioana

How Can you help?

Just £20 a month can provide support through the work Raul does in Oradea in Western Romania. In over 80% of homeless cases they do not have correct identity papers that without which there can be no access to state support. Raul accompanies them to medical appointments and to government departments whilst they go through the process of securing the right identity papers.

Members of the Homeless community can come to ‘The Hub’ 4 times a week to receive a hot meal, hot drinks and snacks. In addition Raul provides emotional and professional support as he is a qualified Social Worker with many years of experience.

Photograph of Raul

Raul’s dream is to one day provide a secure homeless Night Shelter where vulnerable women can stay, get a hot meal and a shower.