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No time? Can’t go out? Why not let us do all the work for you.

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Sponsor a Shoebox

No Time?

Can’t go out?

Why not let us do all the work for you. This year we are offering you the chance to give a shoebox to a child in Eastern Europe without having to do the legwork.

Sponsor a Shoebox

Emergency Covid Response

To help over 11,000 people we need more than £5,000.  Can you help us?

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Shoeboxes at home

Still going strong for 2020! What can I do at home to help with this years shoebox appeal?

Shoebox Update

Improving WASH

We have received funding from the British people through UK AID to improve hand washing across 20 schools including Covid prevention in Mukongoro, Uganda.

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Preventing Covid-19 in Sierra Leone

Our Covid response in Sierra Leone has included food parcels, making masks and manufacturing soap.

Sierra Leone Update

Tackling Covid-19 in Uganda

We focused our response in Uganda by providing soap to health centres and improving access to hand washing facilities.

Covid-19 update

What we do

We operate around the world changing the lives of deprived children, and their communities, through supporting education and healthcare, providing aid and delivering shoeboxes.

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