Making Learning Fun – Suncuis Update

Succeeding in school is harder than you would think for many of the children in Suncuis. Students travel far to schools in neighbouring towns where teachers have low expectations of students from Suncuis, and don’t always give them the support they need. Without enough help, hope or aspiration, children often fall behind in school and young people often drop out before getting qualifications. Thanks to your generous donations, Teams4U and the community of Suncuis have built a great place to meet in their village to help children learn and show them that people believe they can succeed, and dreams can come true!  This is done by making learning fun. Initially this was led by Lidia who was one of the first people from the area to go to university. 

In 2023, progress continued apace with part of the building finished with flooring, heating and lighting. Tables and chairs were shipped out from schools and churches in the UK, alongside shoebox gifts, crafts and stationery. The after schools’ meetings started in September with 20 children aged 7-10. We thought that number might decrease as enthusiasm waned, but it grew until today 25 children now attend on a regular basis. They started with interactive games, drawing, writing, singing, telling stories and talking about the importance of education. Gradually education was introduced. “If at the beginning the children wanted more games, now they are the ones who ask for homework help” (Lidia, teacher)

In December, Raul and Lidia took the children to the city of Oradea (about 1.5 hours drive from Suncuis) to take part in a Christmas carol concert. For some children this was their first time in a big city and their first time performing in public. Their joy was clear for everyone to see. 

After a recent visit from Teams4u to see progress, another teacher (Claudia) has joined so that teaching takes place four times a week. The visiting team saw both Claudia and Lidia interacting with the children, the kids clearly loved being there.