WCVA Grant

At Teams4U we have reason to celebrate as we have been awarded a £25,000 grant by the WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action) to extend our impactful Dignity program into ten more schools in the Kumi district. This grant is a significant step forward in our goal to reach every school in the Kumi region.

With this grant funding, thousands more girls in the Kumi district will receive crucial support to complete their education. They will have the dignity of being able to manage their periods and take their future into their own hands, by making informed decisions around sexual health and education.

The programme extends beyond the classroom, engaging with communities and parents to challenge harmful practices like child marriage and gender-based violence. The programme shifts culture towards valuing girls and encouraging them towards bright futures.

For the first time, this grant includes developing new teaching resources and planting trees in schools to improve the learning environment (trees cool schools down) and sequester carbon dioxide.

Teams4U expresses deep gratitude for the ongoing support from WCVA, who has supported the Dignity programme for many years, making sure that the vital work continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless young people in the Kumi district.