Emergency Covid Response

To help over 11,000 people we need more than £5,000. Can you help us?

Can you help safeguard the health of 11,200 people as they go about their daily lives accessing essential services in our communities in Uganda and Sierra Leone? We need less than 50p each to impact these lives and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, Rotavirus and other lethal infections. 

As you know we have been fundraising for our Covid-response in Uganda and Sierra Leone, establishing soap manufacturing and providing hand-washing stations to health clinics and other key-workers. The full project will cost just over £15,000. Previous fundraising and successful grant applications from DFID and Wales & Africa has brought in just short of £10,000.

However, we’re now under a bit of pressure to find the rest of the necessary funds. We are looking for a further £5,112 to provide 22 health clinics, 3 Police stations and 3 community food markets with much-needed hand-washing equipment, soap, sanitiser and PPE. 

Covid Situation Uganda:

Uganda is experiencing some of the harshest lockdown measures in the world. Due to lack of sanitation, soap and healthcare (e.g. in the Kumi district it is estimated that 60% of households don’t own a hand-washing facility; and there are only 55 functional ICU beds in the entire country), the country have imposed strict curfews; have closed all schools; prohibit nearly all work; and have banned any public or private transport between areas – which has even prevented a lot of rural communities from accessing their nearest hospital. It is estimated that these restrictions have pushed a further 3.6million Ugandans into poverty, with significant increases recorded in cases of malnutrition, anaemia and maternal death. Similar outcomes have been recorded in Sierra Leone, with restrictions increasing the basic cost of living by at least 30% leaving many of the most vulnerable struggling to eat.