‘The Mill’, Education Project, Romania

History of the Project

High up in the Corcas mountains in Western Romania, we visited the new community building with Bogdan, the Suncuis community leader. Bogdan is amazed at what the community has achieved. When the Finis community first came to the area, he never thought they’d have electricity, water, and the level of infrastructure they have built. At the time is was only grass, a dusted road, and rocky stream. They have built a livelihood there, and the homework club is their latest achievement.

In 2021, Raul introduced us to the Suncuis community who have been asking for help for their children to stay in school. In the village there are many barriers to education. Only 40% of children progress from primary school to middle school (ages 11-14), and many don’t make it to the end of middle school. This is due to parents not always being able to help their children with their studies, lack of transport to school and teenage marriage and pregnancy.

Lidia, a teacher and the first village resident to complete university, volunteered to run the homework club. She will be helping the children to keep up in school and encourage them to achieve their potential.

The building is complete: school supplies have been sent, a play park donated by DTCC is on its way and the children are excited. The club will this September 2023 and we are sure it will have a huge impact in the Suncuis community.

Education launch

Pictured below is Raul Gherle presenting a brand new laptop to Lidia. The construction is complete, the community building is ready to start facilitating lessons. Lidia has registered 35 children and opening day is around the corner. Thank you to all who have made this possible, this is going to be a life-changing intervention for the children involved. The name of this building and project has been chosen by the community as ‘The Mill’.

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