Finis Community After School & Homework Club in Suncuis.

For the children of Suncuis to further their education, we are looking to raise £4,050 to build of a new facility where they can access extra tuition and also get a hot meal.

Young lady Lidia Anker with children from the village of Suncius

The villagers have no running water in their houses, so have to fetch it from community wells.

We met up with a young lady, Lidia Anker, she is 23 years old and of gypsy descent from the village of Ioanis. She went to college and is now a teacher in Ioanis.

Children in Ioanis only go to school up to 4th grade, age about 11 years. After this there is no schooling locally as the next grade school is in the town of Beius and they are unable to get there due to costs and distance.

The people of the village of Suncuis were very friendly, and after speaking to the village leader and pastor Bogdan, they expressed a need for the 200 children to be educated to progress in life.

They wish to have an after-school club where the children can do their homework, supported by Lidia, and could receive a hot meal.

Lidia has offered her time free of charge as she believes education is key. The kids have no help at home because the parents are uneducated, but they also support the desire for an after-school facility for their children.

Bogdan has started to build a facility for the kids with the aid of the men of the village. The foundations have been started adjacent to the church where they can upgrade and extend the existing heating system.

They have the bricks for the walls, but they are looking for;

  • Wood for the roof trusses
  • £1700
  • Tiles for the roof
  • £1350
  • Upgrade and extension of heating system from adjacent church
  • £1000

If we can help to raise the £4,050 for this the building it can be completed by the men of the community and will give somewhere for the children to come after school, have a hot meal and help with the large amounts of homework they have.

Raul Gherle our partner in Romania already knows and visits this community and is responsible for overseeing the project.

In Romania to move up to the next grade school depends not on age but ability and if the children do not have the help, they are unable to achieve, this is why we feel it is so important for them to have a chance.


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