Our Partners

We work alongside partner organisations throughout the world who are seeking to relieve distress. Teams4U’s approach is to partner with local organisations that are already in existence within a country.

We believe that local organisations are best placed to understand the needs of the children with whom they work. Therefore we do not tell them what to do, but seek to support them in ways to help them to become more effective and realise their vision.

Where appropriate, Teams4U opens opportunities for local organisations to link up and support one another.

Over the next 3-5 years our focus is to develop long term integrated programmes for our partners and the projects in which we support them. Through this we aim to build the capacity and capability of our partners to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

Sierra Leone

Helga was born and lives in Sierra Leone. She graduated with an HR degree but her vision and passion was always to work with disadvantaged young people and so she now works full time for Teams4U looking after the various in country projects.

Helga lives in the capital Freetown with her daughter and sister.

Experience they say is the best teacher, little did I realized the intensity of the statement until I became a victim of what experience has taught me. I was once harassed sexually, abused and molested when I was a child trying to be educated. It was an emotional, psychological and social torture that I went through. Was it the fault of my parents? This answer was definitely no as they tried their best to let me be educated but the economic situation was not favourable for them as at that time. It was during this period I was faced with all forms of abused.

I however transcended over them all and today I am part of the Teams4U squad. The journey started when I first met with the team from UK who came for a humanitarian visit to Sierra Leone. I was introduced to them by my Pastor and we had some brain storming conversation and later agreed upon establishing a Vocational Centre that will cater for deprived youth especially women. At the centre, I serve as the coordinator for the program with the focus of reducing the rate of dependency of women and help them be partners in development to the house and family which will have a ripple effect to the community and society as a whole.


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Braila – ROMANIA

Ben and Ana Boingeanu – Home Of Hope

Ben and Ana are one of 4 pairs of house parents in a private orphanage run by the Evergreen Foundation.

They are parents to 12 children of all ages up to 18 but also have close contact with those who have left already. Many have succeeded in getting to university and that will help getting a good job.

In 2018 Ben and Ana partnered with Teams4u in distributing shoeboxes over a very large area in the county of Braila.

Tulcea – ROMANIA

Nicu and Elizabetha Dinu – Sunlight Camp

Married to Elizabetha who helps in the kitchen preparing food for the children.

Nicu and his wife run an after schools club where they receive a meal and help with homework and can enjoy the games area both inside and out. 

In the summer he runs several residential kids camps for poor children and those less able giving them a chance to take part in a wide range of crafts, games and even river boat trips on the Danube.

In 2018 NIcu partnered with Teams4u in the distribution of shoeboxes in the Danube Delta including some small islands only accessible by boat.