Another incredible year of shoebox collection!

In a very muddy Salacea a girl leaves with her treasured shoebox.

Thousands of hours have been put in across the UK by teams of fantastic volunteers this year. Without them we would never have been able to do this and for that a huge thank You!

Last week 2 teams travelled out to Romania to help distribute boxes to those in the poorest of communities. The first team travelled to Suceava in the north east and the second to Oradea in the west of the country.

Other lorries went to Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia and as recently as this week a container was loaded ready to ship across the Black Sea to Georgia. 

There the Red Cross have asked if they can distribute to Ukrainian refugees currently in Georgia. It is estimated some 30,000 Ukrainians have fled the conflict into Georgia this year.

In Tudor Vladimirescu this girl was delighted to received her shoebox in temperatures of -2c.

If you have ever wondered if these shoeboxes make a difference to the kids receiving them then the looks on their faces tells it all!

Watch our latest video on a distribution trip in Romania here;
2022 Teams4U shoebox distribution


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