Introduction to Alex Sanduleac in Moldova  

Two Moldovan children holding shoeboxes


Meet our dedicated partner, Alex Sanduleac, the driving force behind distributing shoeboxes in Moldova. Alex’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and empathy. Born in Ukraine, his family sought refuge in Moldova during his childhood, fleeing from Soviet persecution. Alex now extends a helping hand to families who have arrived in Moldova having fled Ukraine.

Beyond distributing shoeboxes, Alex has helped Ukrainian refugees to integrate into the community. Teams4U’s funding made it possible for Alex to provide essential necessities, including food and toiletries. Alex regularly visits new arrivals, checking in on their family welfare.

Our collaboration with Alex began in 2019, thanks to a glowing recommendation from a partner in Romania. Alex’s efforts are a great example of the impact individuals can have on people around them through simple acts of kindness. We hope to be helping families in Moldova for years to come.