Expanding Dignity: Empowering Students in Sierra Leone

Expanding Dignity: Empowering Students in Sierra Leone

We are thrilled to share exciting news from Teams4U Sierra Leone. Our Dignity programme, dedicated to promoting sexual and menstrual health and helping students complete their education, has expanded to five local schools. These schools were chosen in collaboration with local education authorities, as only one in five students in these schools were completing their high school education.

Helga Sellu, Country Director in Sierra Leone, has assembled a skilled team to lead this programme and ensure it is a high-quality programme. This team has trained two teachers in each school to deliver the Dignity classes and will monitor the programme as it unfolds.

Looking ahead, we plan to train more teachers and provide locally-made reusable sanitary packs to the girls in these schools.

This programme is set to impact the lives of 1,440 students, equipping them with essential knowledge to navigate sexual and menstrual health, promote their overall well-being, foster healthy relationships, and empower them to complete their education.

Meet Zainab (below), one of our dedicated teachers and Dignity trainers who recently joined our team. Zainab is passionate about the programme and has previously volunteered her time so girls and boys receive this crucial education.

If you’d like to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these students and support the Dignity programme, we invite you to consider becoming a monthly donor. Your contribution will help us continue this vital work, creating a brighter future for young individuals in Sierra Leone.