Well Work in Sierra Leone

John and Dave recently came back inspired from a visit to two rural villages in Sierra Leone. Why? These villages had recently installed wells with the help of funds from T4U Sierra Leone. Now, for the first time they have direct access to clean water. Wells not only impact quality of life, as people don’t have to trek 5km to fetch water, but they also improve health, school attendance, work productivity and poverty reduction.  Two more villages, Fodagu and Yenleh, who have been seeking help from the government for years to no avail, have reached out to T4U Sierra Leone to help them install wells. We have sent funding for the materials for two wells which the villages will install. Our in-country director Helga is overseeing this project.

In terms of next steps… a lady in one of the villages John and Dave visited asked T4U to install latrines. Though in her forties, she had never used a toilet. We are considering how best to install latrines in partnership with villages to further improve quality of life and health.

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