Vocational Training in Africa

T4U run vocational training schools in Sierra Leone and Uganda providing trade-skills to young people struggling to gain employment

Vocational Training in Sierra Leone

In subsistence farming economies where there are many barriers to education, gaining a skill such as hairdressing, tailoring or catering can guarantee an income and secure the future for a young person struggling to gain regular employment.

“I want to learn something that will help me take care of my children and myself”

Vocational training participant

Our vocational centre is in the community of Yam’s Farm, just outside Freetown, and currently teaches trades to 32 women, mostly young single mothers with little to no formal education. The two year course is their gateway to find employment, or set up their own business, and give them financial security.

Vocational Training in Uganda

In February 2017 we had our first 30 students en-roll in our tailoring course in Mukongoro, Kumi, Uganda. Having worked in the district for over 10yrs we have seen how lack of employment and skills have stagnated the community as their young people are unequipped to find the work they need to build themselves a better life.

Tino's house with a new roof

Providing a Future

If you’ve read Tino’s story it is easy to see how vulnerable life in Africa can be particularly for young mothers with little to no education. It is too easy to be stuck in menial work earning pennies a day and lose it all in one moment – whether from a storm, drought, illness or pregnancy.

We need to be able to give these young people security, the ability to set up their own businesses and find the work they need to provide financial prosperity for themselves and their families.