Tackling the spread of Covid-19 in Uganda

We know that the best course of defense against SARS-CoV-2 is washing our hands thoroughly with soap, combined with social distancing. Uganda is now in lockdown, limiting all gatherings of over 3 people and movement by private or hired vehicle, as they fear the spread of the coronavirus through their country.

Uganda does not have the medical infrastructure needed for a nationwide outbreak, and yet most households lack the very necessities to prevent the spread. Over 60% of households in the Kumi district do not have a hand-washing facility and soap is considered a luxury.

However our vocational centres can make 20 litres of soap for just £10, please help us to provide the hospitals and health facilities with this soap by donating today.

We are all in unprecedented times and look towards the rest of the year with some level of uncertainty. Knowing that, it has meant so much to us to hear from many of you in the last couple of weeks, sharing your photos and craft ideas, and sending in kind donations towards our ongoing projects. A big shout out to all at 16th Epping Forest Scouts for an incredible season of fundraising supporting the installation of 2 hand-washing tanks in Uganda. Thank you!

An update from Dave Cooke

As always we extend our thanks to all of you who regularly support us, volunteer, travel, and share our work with others. It means so much!
Stay safe!

Dave & Ziz

Can you help?

Please help us provide all health facilities and hospitals in Kumi with soap! Our vocational centre can make liquid soap for £10 per 20 litres!

Crafting for Shoeboxes?

Did you try the origami box from our craft projects page? We have lots of fun projects to keep hands busy over the next few weeks.