Tackling Hospital Hygiene

We are delighted to have secured funding through the Wales and Africa Emergency COVID Response Grant Scheme for a life-saving project installing taps, toilets, and showers in Ugandan health facilities. 

Atutur General Hospital

The only government-funded hospital in the Kumi District of Uganda, Atutur Hospital provides free healthcare to the population of Kumi, Bukedea, Ngora and Pallisa. Funding will allow our partners to install sinks with running water into the Maternity Ward, Children’s Ward and Operating Theatre, whilst making the current septic tanks operational, installing disabled toilets, replacing damaged pipework, and refurbishing existing toilets, shower rooms and drainage systems to make them usable. 

The hospital’s dilapidated water system has been in desperate need of repair for many years, with staff resorting to bringing water into the wards in jerricans. Not having consistent access to water puts pressure on routine hygiene practice such as handwashing, general cleaning, and sterilisation of equipment.

We hope this project will significantly alter the working environment of Atutur General Hospital, improving the cleanliness, appearance, and hygiene of the hospital, and boost the physical and mental wellbeing of the staff. We would expect the incorporation of water directly into the wards and operating theatre to support staff efficiency and prevent the transmission of infections.

Mukongoro Health Centre III

Operating 24/7 Mukongoro Health Centre provides frontline healthcare and maternity to the 16 parishes, and estimated population of 55,500, of Mukongoro Sub-County in the Kumi District of Uganda. 

Sinks allowing direct access to running water, will be installed in the general treatment room and maternity ward, whilst a toilet and shower block will be built for patients of the maternity ward. Our partners will also aim to restore a current shower and toilet (that due to never being connected properly to site water or sewage has functioned as storage room) for staff use.

Nyero Health Centre III

Like Mukongoro Health Centre, Nyero offers 24/7 healthcare and maternity services to its 10 parishes, and estimated population of 39,400, in the Kumi District of Uganda. 


Sinks allowing direct access to running water will be installed in the treatment room, maternity ward, laboratory and in some staff accommodation. A shower block and washing station (for clothes) will be provided for Maternity patients. 

Wales and Africa Emergency COVID Response

Funding for these projects was secured through the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme. We were also delighted to have been awarded with funding to support 20 primary schools to improve their sanitation and menstrual health provision. 

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