Re-building Tino’s Home has started after torrential weather swept her roof off


On Saturday 25th March torrential rains and wind swept through Mukongoro in the Kumi District of Uganda and caused devastation.

Our volunteers in Uganda, James and Sarah’s, house was flooded but after sweeping out the standing water and setting their belongings outside to dry, they were fine and able to laugh about their first rainy season experience!

However, they weren’t laughing when they saw the reality of how the weather hit the more traditional mud and brick homes in the surrounding area. They went to visit their friend Tino and her family (Tino fetches water for a living and is paid just 12.5p per 2.5ltrs of water she delivers) and saw that her house had been ripped apart.

Tino’s home was the only thing left to her after the death of her parents and to rent somewhere would cost her £7.50 a month (well over a week’s wages) and would force Tino to choose between shelter or educating her son.

Volunteer labour helped bring the cost of the project down
Day 7 of the build on Tino’s House

James & Sarah quickly set up a fundraising page to support Tino and her children, Joshua, Winnie & Mercy. On the 2nd of April we reached our target of £1400 to re-build Tino’s home and give her family safe shelter in the upcoming Ugandan storms.

Tino’s new home
Tino’s new home, completed in 12 days

On April 3rd the ground was cleared and foundations were dug. Three days later bricks were being laid and on the 15th of April, Tino moved into her new home!

We are exceedingly grateful to everyone who has donated to give Tino and her family this incredible gift! Thank you!

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