Our Relief Response in Ukraine

In Ukraine

Less than 25km from conflict zones, our partners bravely continue to distribute aid to those who need it most.

Trucks with humanitarian aid don’t reach us. We are too far from the borders with Europe. So far the government makes promises but they have been just promises. People come to us from occupied territories – from Donetsk, Mariupol, Lungansk – starving. Many come already experiencing hunger. We’ve been receiving them, giving some shelter, providing basic things – potatoes, onions, cooking oil, cleaning products. Your support helps us feed over 50 families every week.

Escaping Conflict

Ekaterina managed to leave an occupied territory with her two children. For weeks they lived on 1 packet of cereal.

Their situation was bleak and they were afraid they’d get sick from the lack of food.

They arrived almost starving, and weak from lack of nutrition.


Internally Displaced People

As the conflict escalates more and more people have to flee or be evacuated from conflict zones. Our partners are in Dnipropetrovsk and provide shelter for over 30 families from Donetsk, Mariupol and Lugansk.

In Moldova

In nothern Moldova our partners are providing groceries, washing powder, and other essentials to over 300 Ukrainian refugees every day.

Alex, and his team, support three refugee centres in Northern Moldova, in Edinet, Dondusheni, and Balti.

We also support Moldovan families who have taken refugees into their homes. They’re hosting, but they frequently have nothing. We are one of the poorest countries in Europe. Yet, they have opened their doors.”

Alexandru Sanduleac

Helping each other

In Edinet, Natalia, a refugee from Dnipr, Ukraine, is preparing parcels of food for other refugees housed locally.

The centre prepared hot meals, cakes, and boxes and bags of groceries to support families enjoy and celebrate the Orthodox Easter.

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