Our latest visit to Ukraine

You may have seen the recent BBC coverage of our work in the Ukraine – here is a link to the full article on the BBC news website.

Dr Ruth Wyn Williams who is a learning disability nurse and lecturer at Bangor university, travelled with me last Friday to Suceava in Romania.

There we were met by Lucian from the local university. Lucian has been supporting us in getting aid into Ukraine after arriving in lorries from the UK. Teams4u have been sending humanitarian aid such as dried food, sanatary and hygeine products since March this year.
On the Saturday morning we all crossed over the border at Siret, northern Romania, into Ukraine where we were met by translator Nadya and a driver.

We then traveled to Chernivtsi to Magala orphanage for children with a learning disabilities that Teams4u has been supporting.
On arrival we were greeted warmly again by the director who advised us that the toilet block that Teams4u has funded is being started today.

Ruth was visiting to gain an insight into the ‘rhythm of the day’ for the children in the orphanage so we as an organisation can continue to support the staff and children to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. We plan to support the staff with their projects and nursing care to enhance the lives of the children and young people currently living at the orphanage.

Prior to the war it was an orphanage for 10 children but following the start of the conflict 42 more children have moved from the Donetsk region and they have been told that they may expect more refugees to arrive.

It is clear to see when you arrive at the orphanage that the staff care and are doing the best they can with the resources they have, however they are tremendously understaffed.

It was fantastic to interact with the children who clearly enjoyed the games we had time to play with them.

Ruth spent time with the staff and children getting to know and learn the best way we can support them in giving the best care to the children in difficult circumstances.

The director advised us that due to the shortage of gas they have been told they will need to heat the orphanage in the winter using their wood burning stoves. They have enough wood for 3 months yet need to heat the orphanage for 5. We have committed to providing this for them.

This is only the beginning of our work in this orphanage and we would greatly appreciate your support in helping us continue this by any donations you can help is with.

Following our return to Romania we picked up the van that we had purchased which was then filled with aid including 2 pallets of body bags first aid kits, food, nappies and sanitary products which was to be sent over the border into Ukraine up to the frontline.

Dr Ruth Wyn Williams

“It was a privilege to be able to volunteer with Simon and Teams4u The Charity but more than that it was a privilege to meet the children and people in Ukraine and Romania, when the work starts. This is only the beginning, the work continues, and Teams4U need our support. Please donate to their work if you can.”

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