Our Biggest Project to date!

Putting access to water at the heart of Hospitals and Health Centres

Funding secured!

We are thrilled to announce that we have again(!) secured funding through the Wales and Africa Emergency COVID Response Scheme for another life-saving project installing taps, toilets, and showers in Ugandan health facilities. 

Only through the regular support of our donors can we even begin to imagine taking on projects like these!

This funding will support the radical upscale of 8 ‘community hospitals’ in the Teso Region of Eastern Uganda that offer free healthcare at point of need to approximately 2.5million people.

These facilities offer either free, or not-for-profit, healthcare 24/7 within their communities, and also perform all COVID-19 tests, minor treatment and referrals. They have operated throughout the pandemic, despite staff shortages and insufficient sanitation.

Atutur General Hospital

Do you remember Atutur Hospital? Our earlier bid allowed us to plumb running water into all the in-patient wards throughout the hospital, as well as into the delivery ward and operating theatre.

As the only government-funded hospital in the Kumi District of Uganda, this hospital provides free healthcare to a population of approximately 1million.

This project will extend on previous work and equip the entire hospital, including out-patient departments, with running water and internal flushing toilets.

Community Health Centres

These health centres are effectively ‘community hospitals’, covering all aspects of community health care including HIV testing & treatment, TB treatment, Immunisation, Family Planning, General care, Antenatal & Postnatal care, and maternity.

They provide the first point of contact within their communities, with their on-site laboratories, delivery wards, and minor treatment facilities. Two of the selected health centres also have minor operating theatres and general in-patient wards.

Each of the health facilities identified to benefit from this project were highlighted by their Local Government Offices for their strategic positions in tackling the treatment, management, and prevention of COVID-19.

The Teso region was one of the worst hit in the second wave of the pandemic, and still have harsher lockdown restrictions in force, compared to the rest of the country.

Funding will invest in supplying piped water directly into wards, pathology labs and theatres, alongside reservoir tanks to ensure a continuous provision of water. Where absent, toilets, showers and handwashing facilities will be constructed for staff and patients.

Nyero Health Centre III

Earlier this year Mukongoro Health Centre III and Nyero Health Centre III, in the Kumi District of Uganda, received plumbed water, toilets and showers. This video shows our construction partners, Sanitation Africa Ltd, in progress at Nyero Health Centre, as well as the difference access to water will make:

Wales and Africa Emergency COVID Response

Funding for these projects was secured through the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme. We were also delighted to have been awarded with funding to continue investing in period-positive primary schools, improving their sanitation and menstrual health provision.