COVID-19 Update

To our Teams4U family

Whilst closures are in place in Uganda we will be installing hand-washing facilities in as many schools as possible, to help prepare them to prevent spread of infection. Most of sub-saharan Africa is very concerned about the risk posed by any worldwide infection as they simply do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with an outbreak. 

We have funding to support at least 7 schools at the moment. The Ugandan Government has enforced a ban on all gatherings and closed schools for 32 days as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus. We have postponed our Teacher Training project until the ban is lifted. Through online communication tools, our partners in Uganda are being  prepared to deliver the project and support schools when they re-open.
Watch a video of the project below.

Today our wonderful Teams Coordinator, Shirley, is leaving the team. We are so grateful for the passion, dedication, enthusiasm and wisdom she’s given us over the past 6 years! We know many of you will join us in wishing her all the best for whatever new adventure is round the corner. If you have any enquiries about teams, please email Dave:

We will do our best to operate as normal, though we may need to work from home. Our usual working hours are 9.30am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday. If you can’t reach us on our office number (01978 310110) please call 07311 824579.

Thinking of you all!
Stay safe,
Dave & Ziz

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