Upcycle an Old Tie into a Sewing Kit

Upcycle do-it-at home projects

Do you have a redundant tie lurking about somewhere? An old kipper type would be best, the wider the better. One that is highly patterned and colourful would be ideal.

Now you can turn it into a sewing kit in a few easy steps.

The sewing kit would be a brilliant addition to a Shoebox for a girl aged 12+.

  1. Measuring from the bottom and cut the tie approximately 8” (22cm) long
  2. Next turn in the raw edge and top stitch
  3. Then sew on a press stud to keep the contents safe
  4. Add some suitable fillings: a reel of cotton, tape measure (find free from a Christmas cracker or an Ikea paper one), cotton cutter or small pair of scissors, a few buttons/press studs, a hotel mending kit, a needle case containing needles, pins and safety pins.