Sponsor a Student

T4U run two vocational training schools in Sierra Leone providing trade-skills to young people

Gaining a trade can guarantee an income and secure the future for a young person struggling to gain regular employment.

82% of our students struggle to maintain the costs of fees and materials for their practical projects, which means, without support, many drop out of the course.

“I am so excited to be learning a new skill. I hope one day, this will lead to me getting a regular job and I will earn enough money to help my younger brothers and sisters to attend school.”

Sia, student at Kumba R Sellu Vocational Institute, Koindu

Please help support these colleges thrive and provide young people, like Sia, with an opportunity to be self-reliant and to step-out of persistent financial uncertainty.

“I lost my father and mother at the age of 15. Since that time I stopped attending school because there was no-one to help me. I live with my aunt, but she has me in the market selling for her whilst her children are in school. To pay my [course] fees I beg people to assist me.”

Mary, student at Teams4U Vocational Training Institute, Waterloo

£25 per month will cover a student’s uniform, fees, exams and materials needed for their weekly practical exercises.

Learning how to Survive

Life in Africa can be particularly vulnerable for young mothers with little to no education. It is too easy to be stuck in menial work earning pennies a day and lose it all in one moment – whether from a storm, drought, illness or pregnancy.

“I am a single parent with one daughter. Her father abandoned us when she was 6 months old and left me responsible. I also live with my old mother. I am doing everything and don’t have anyone to help me. So I go out to people to do odd jobs like laundry, cooking and fetching water for them. At times, I mine sand and stone in order to sustain myself and the family.”

Salamatu, Tailoring student in Waterloo

Please help

Can you give one of these young people security? A monthly donation of £25 would support one student learn a vocational skill and adapt to the fragility of life in Sierra Leone.