Step 1.

Find an old shoebox

If you don’t have one at home, you can always pop into a local shoe shop.

Step 2.

Wrap it with Christmas paper

Please wrap the box and lid separately.
This video will help you!

Step 3.

Fill it with useful gifts

You can get some inspiration from the list below and watch our Shoebox Guide videos on our Youtube Channel.

Step 4.

Print off and fill in a donation slip and label

You can download a donation slip from here and a boy or girl label here, there’s also some helpful resources to download here.

Step 5.

Attach a cheque or some cash

Please include £3 in the envelope provided with the leaflet and attach to the inside of the shoebox lid or you can donate online here. If you are eligible for gift aid please tick the box on the donation slip as this will increase your donation to £3.75.

Step 6.

Drop off your box

Close the lid with a rubber band. Please do not tape the lid shut. Drop your box off at the nearest drop off point. Please check your local area for their collection dates.

What to put in your box

Practical supplies

·Toothbrush and toothpaste
·Facecloth and soap
Stationery pack
Craft Pack
Sewing Kit.

A few small gifts

·A soft toy
·Musical instrument i.e. harmonica/recorder
·A photo of yourself

But please NONE of these

No medicines
No food (except chocolate & sweets)
No ‘military themed’ toys or clothing
No dangerous items such as knives or razors
No novels (picture books & colouring books are OK)