Community Teams

Working with various communities to promote general well-being and avoid future health problems through creative play and crafts whilst encouraging the children to wash their hands before eating, the importance of brushing their teeth and demonstrating to parents/guardians how to check for lice.

Part of the power of these teams is their ability to strengthen existing networks in the community through bringing people together. These teams work with the children to promote self-esteem and aspiration but also communicate the value of school, the importance of respecting each other and healthy relationships.

Fun on a trip to Uganda

“It was so encouraging to hear that months after our team travelled out, the community children of Prey Tasor village [Cambodia] were still regularly washing their hands before mealtimes which we know is going to limit the spread of dysentery, cholera and other infections.”

John Harrison, Team Leader, 2015

Our Community Teams travel particularly to Cambodia, Romania, the Philippines and Sierra Leone. Most trips are around 10 days in duration (travel dependent) and are flexible to include any particular skills team-members may have (e.g. a music teacher would be able to provide music lessons in the schools in addition to the main programme).

These teams teach basic hygiene, teach English as a Foreign Language, assist with the Develop with Dignity programme (where appropriate) and get involved with any T4U projects in the country of travel.