Ending Poverty Gifts!

The gifts that give twice! A meaningful difference from £5-£50!

Check out our alternative gift range (please remember to include £2.50 for p&p when you click donate)

Dignity: £5 (+p&p)

Provide 1 schoolgirl with washable sanitary pads to stay in school.

happy Ugandan women

Food: £10 (+p&p)

Meet a need in crisis: give a family a supply of food for a month.

a bowl of rice

Goat: £25 (+p&p)

Give a family a goat, which provides vital income

baby goats

Seeds: £5 (+p&p)

Seeds: this will support orphans in the 4 orphanages we work with.

Education: £15 (+p&p)

Education: this gift will support children going back to school

Sanitation: £25 (+p&p)

Clean hands: this gift will provide hand washing equipment

Support: £30 (+p&p)

Give love: this gift will support the ongoing work of Teams4U

Education: £20 (+p&p)

Invest in her: this gift will support girls to go to school.

Safe water: £50 (+p&p)

Safe water: this will support access to clean, uncontaminated water.

How do I buy?

You can either order through our Donate page on the website, or by phoning our office on 01978 310110.

Via the website: please complete the custom amount on our donation page and select which category you would like to support from the donation menu.

Please remember to include £2.50 towards postage & packaging, unless you would like an e-version of your chosen card.

We will post out your gift card to you with information on what you have donated towards, with a space for you to enclose your personal greeting.

If you would prefer us to post this directly, on your behalf, please include your personalised greeting in the ‘Donation Comment’ section.