Education sponsorship

Supporting young people towards successful lives by empowering them through education

Romania: Sponsor a child

For just £18 a month you can support a child, giving them an opportunity to choose their own future.

Without the Pre-school the Romany children often struggle settling into mainstream school. Not only do they have less knowledge than the other village children, but they have had no experience of the social situations that school presents and this causes problems for the children and the teachers.

Our Pre-school programme:

Having worked in the community of Urvind and setting up an extremely successful pre-school programme and after school club, Teams4U are looking to build a classroom and support the extension of the programme in the community of Alparea. Due to prejudice, poverty, discrimination and mistrust, the Romany communities of rural Romania are mostly illiterate, often live in squalor and struggle to provide for their families. Our pre-school programme was set up to provide practical support for children, to teach them how to read, count, and the learning expected of a pre-school pupil, but also encourages them to integrate with children from other communities.

Education is the surest way out of poverty. It is also the only way to prevent child labour and the exploitation of children.

The impact of this programme is undeniable! In Urvind, we have seen a radical transformation from a community that barely had any children attend state-funded government schools to nearly every child, through the support of our before and after school programmes, graduating high school.

Sierra Leone: Sponsor a Student

Impact an economy – From just £20 a month you can assist in supporting the running costs of our vocational college in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone was devastated by civil war from 1991 to 2002 and then was further hit by Ebola in 2014. This has had devastating impact on the economy and lives of ordinary people. Most families have been affected by one or both of these disasters.

I am 20yrs old. My parents, my brothers and all my sisters except one have died. I did not go to school because there is no money for my fees. I’ve had to break stones to support my daughter. I am so happy because of this opportunity. I want to learn something that will help me in the future and to support my family.

Vocational Training in Sierra Leone

T4U, in partnership with the Yams Farm Community, are supporting a Vocational Training Centre in Freetown aimed at providing opportunities to learn a trade for disadvantaged young women who have had no or little education.

Currently we have 32 students enrolled in either catering, tailoring or hairdressing. Most of the students are young single women with their own children and almost no reading or writing ability. Typically they support themselves through manual labour such as breaking rocks in the local quarry, collecting and selling firewood or selling fish by the roadside.

Learning a trade can give these young women a sustainable livelihood and remove them from the vulnerability of the streets. This college is providing these women with an opportunity to help re-build the fragile economy of Sierra Leone and help 32 families make a life for themselves.

Teams4U Sierra Leone project video

Uganda – Sponsor a Student

For just £20 a month you can help empower young people in Kumi, Uganda, to set up their own businesses and gain financial security.

The Kumi district of Uganda has around a 1 in 7 rate of employment. Most scrape a living from subsistence farming and are vulnerable to any disaster e.g. one bad storm or long-term illness. For many young people, who’ve struggled to maintain a consistent education, there is no clear way out. Kumi is over 150 miles from the capital city and over 30 miles away from the nearest major town. Faced with working 7 days a week earning a pittance carrying water or grinding cassava, a lot of young people are turning to alcohol and substance abuse.

Vocational Training in Uganda

We were excited in February 2017 to establish our first Vocational Training class in Mukongoro, Kumi and have our first 30 students enrol in tailoring. Some of our students are cycling 10 miles to get to our school and many have to get up at 5am to make class for an 8am start. For all of them it is their opportunity to gain a trade that can establish them for life and enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Please consider supporting the college with monthly sponsorship to help equip a generation towards a better life.