WASH sanitation update

Our handwashing facilities have reduced school absence by 27%, preventing the spread of diarrheal infection. Here’s how we have achieved this and what’s next.


We are excited to report that from October 2018 to May 2019 – we have been able to install 1 litre handwashing facilities in 18 Government funded primary schools. This is benefiting 16,619 pupils, in the district of Kumi, with education on the importance of handwashing and access to improved sanitation equipment at school.


We’ve recorded an incredible 27% decrease in the number of school days lost due to diarrheal infection since the installation of the handwashing facilities!

We monitor the use of the facilities and continue to educate the children and work with the teachers and community to value the tanks, keep them in working order and use them.  By focusing on education on the importance of handwashing we aim to reduce the transmission of germs and improve basic health.

This project facilitates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 by helping to provide access to adequate and equitable sanitation for all.

Our Amazing Volunteers:  We have wonderful people helping us in the UK, talking about our projects and inspiring people with the work that we do. We have been thrilled with how this project has caught the hearts and minds of so many. Even a local school here, Victoria Primary School, has recorded their own charity single “It’s Good to Be Alive” to raise funds!

Watch our latest video to hear the positive response of the pupils and teachers

Here’s what we have learned:

Here’s what we will do:

Make new friends:  Connecting UK and Ugandan school children through this project is a great way to teach about hygiene and explore one another’s perspectives and lifestyles: Encouraging them to be curious, accepting of diversity and globally aware.  We will encourage UK schools to use their imagination in producing learning tools and material to compliment the curriculum.  They can also get inventive in fund raising for the project!  Get in touch

Support us:

Each tank costs £450 and is likely to benefit an average of 900 pupils plus faculty. Such a small investment can truly make a huge impact!  Donate