Teams4U is highly experienced in taking teams of people from the UK and other countries into the heart of communities in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. These trips are led by individuals with extensive experience of the sensitivities of working across different cultures. We consider the needs of a specific community or region and develop a trip with these in mind.

Training Teams

Training teams are invited by the community to empower and facilitate organisations in specific skills, working particularly with NGOs and the health and education authorities.

Training courses T4U have been invited to deliver include Finance and Asset Management, Palliative Care, Menstrual Health Management and Human Resources Management.

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Some examples of past training teams:

  • We have facilitated volunteers from Great Ormond Street Hospital running a conference in Palliative Care for medical staff at The Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Simferopol, the Crimea.
  • Volunteers from the NHS and medical training facilities have traveled with us to educate teachers and the LEA in Uganda on Menstrual Health and STIs.
  • Business leaders from various fields have traveled out with us to run conferences in Human Resources, Asset Management and Accountancy for Local Education Authorities and NGOs in Africa.

Training teams can be comprised of as few as 3-4 professionals and are around 5-8 days in duration (dependent on travel).


Construction Teams

Join as part of a construction team and work together to build or maintain vital buildings for the community. E.g. previous construction teams have built a dormitory and teacher accommodation for Jack Standard Primary School in Uganda, refurbished hospital wards in the Crimea, and built a playground in Romania.

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Engage your Employees & take your CSR to the next level

Our Construction Teams are the perfect opportunity to energise and bring together a group of people. Long days working together in the heat (and occasionally tropical downpours) towards a common goal to support and provide for a community less fortunate than our own, provides a fantastic platform for team-building and gelling the workforce.

Construction Teams also self-fund the projects which provides another platform for team-building as the team take ownership of fundraising, whilst also providing fantastic CSR opportunities.

Trip duration is normally 10 days (dependent on travel) and costs are all-inclusive of flights, food, accommodation, in-country travel, interpretation and insurance. The only thing team-members need to trouble themselves with is their trip to the airport and any vaccinations recommended by their GP!


Empowerment Teams

Tackling poverty not just where it hits the roof over your head or whether there is food in your stomach but where it robs a child of their self-esteem, their motivation to achieve and their ability to dream. These teams bring laughter, fun, encouragement and praise to hundreds of children and by travelling with us you are providing much-needed aspiration to these often neglected and vulnerable kids.

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Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Tour of Kampala Animal Sanctuary and meet the White Rhinos and feed the giraffes

Day 2- 6: Travel with the team from the Aids Information Centre to a primary school each day (the medical team from AIC will be conducting the HIV/AIDs and Hep A tests, volunteers may get involved if they have the appropriate medical training) and run ball games with songs, dramas and (where appropriate) partnering with our Ugandan team delivering sex education and the Develop with Dignity programme.

Day 7: Church in Mukongoro (an optional cultural experience!) and BBQ before rolling out the empowerment programme in another school

Day 8: Again taking our Empowerment programme into the final school of the trip

Day 9-10: Wind down in a local resort overlooking the Nile and travel home.

“It was great to be on a team that had such a positive impact and where each member of the team were fully engaged and involved in delivering the programme!”

District Inspector for Kumi, Mike Otai, gives us his reasons for why these teams are so important here. Read his reasons

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Community Teams

Working with various communities to promote general well-being and avoid future health problems through creative play and crafts whilst encouraging the children to wash their hands before eating, the importance of brushing their teeth and demonstrating to parents/guardians how to check for lice.

Part of the power of these teams is their ability to strengthen existing networks in the community through bringing people together. These teams work with the children to promote self-esteem and aspiration but also communicate the value of school, the importance of respecting each other and healthy relationships.

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“It was so encouraging to hear that months after our team travelled out, the community children of Prey Tasor village [Cambodia] were still regularly washing their hands before mealtimes which we know is going to limit the spread of dysentery, cholera and other infections.”

John Harrison, Team Leader, 2015

Our Community Teams travel particularly to Cambodia, Romania, the Philippines and Sierra Leone. Most trips are around 10 days in duration (travel dependent) and are flexible to include any particular skills team-members may have (e.g. a music teacher would be able to provide music lessons in the schools in addition to the main programme).

These teams teach basic hygiene, teach English as a Foreign Language, assist with the Develop with Dignity programme (where appropriate) and get involved with any T4U projects in the country of travel.

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Summer Camps

These camps provide some of the most vulnerable children from poverty-stricken communities a holiday focused around them. We take young people from discriminated and/or marginalised people groups, refugees from war-torn areas and/or orphans looked after by the State for a 7 day break.

Travelling on this team will mean high-spirited games of hockey, bike-riding, swimming, basket ball, football, crafts, story-telling, face-painting, marshmallows over the fire and basically all the fun activities you remember from your own youth camps away!

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“Each moment throughout this holiday I saw these children grow in dignity and purpose which has been incredibly humbling”

Sarah, Volunteer, Ukraine, 2015

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