After our college had to be closed down by Government mandate after the Ebola outbreak in 2014, we were thrilled and humbled to re-open in 2016.

The Destiny Institute is situated in Yams Farm, Freetown, and offers vocational training in Tailoring, Hairdressing and Catering. Our 32 students, ranging in age from 14-30yrs are expected to complete a two year course. In their first year they are taught in all three trades plus core skills such as literacy and numeracy before specialising in their chosen trade and gaining apprenticeships. Few of them know how to read or write and very few have been educated above primary level.

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“I am so happy because of this school, I want to learn something that will help me take care of my children and myself”¬†

We caught up with a few of the students to find out about some of their challenges:One of the pupils in Sierra Leone

My name is Hawa and I’m 19. My father had four wives but everyone has died. I can’t read or write and my job is selling pepper in the market. I really want to be successful in catering so that I can help myself and family.



One of the students at Destiny Institute


My name is Fatmata and I’m 20. Both my mother and father have died. I was able to go to primary school and have learned to read and write a little. I would like to learn how to make clothes.



Massah, 24 years old, student at the Destiny Institute


My name is¬†Massah and I’m 24. I live with my¬†mother and extended family. My dad has died. I went to primary¬†school but I can’t¬†read or write. I¬†break stones at the local quarry to make a living. I¬†would like to specialise in Tailoring.

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