“Without the pre-school the Romany children often struggle settling into mainstream school. Not only do they have less knowledge than the other village children, but they have had no experience of the social situations that school presents and this causes problems for the children and the teachers.” Anna-Marie, Teacher

When T4U started our first pre-school programme in Urvind (where only 1 in 10 adults could read and write) only 5% of the children attended the local state school. Now over 75% of the community’s children now attend. Of course this created its own issue as we then experienced a high drop-out rate because the children struggled with their school work with little assistance at home. Therefore we started daily afternoon Homework Help classes which provide the necessary support and structure for the children as well as fun through crafts, games and play.

Support: £18pm supports 1 child in either our Pre-school or homework help classes

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