The pearl of Africa captured our hearts as a charity first and is now quite rightly our flagship with our most extensive operations based there.Yes we run a

but since 2006 volunteer teams have traveled with us every year to help deliver one of our most exciting Uganadan programs – our health & empowerment program – and last October, District Inspector for Schools in Kumi, Mike Otai, let us in it’s power:

“Teams4U is a mobilisation force for positive change”


Schools are now enjoying team sports having benefited from donations of team football and netball kits. Many schools have their first ever all-girl sport teams and the area is building a network of inter-school and county championships which is opening new opportunities for the children as well as building fun, confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and physical education into school life.


As every team travels with a mobile health clinic this has revealed that 63 teachers in the Kumi district are HIV+ plus 10 children on average in every primary school. This knowledge has helped the teachers create a support group and helped the county ensure they have access to medical treatment. The teachers are also being more empowered to be better educators of the dangers of STIs.


Partly due to an increased awareness of their HIV status and access to treatment, and partly due to the attractiveness of more access to sports in schools, there has been a higher engagement in education. Communities have slowly started to support their schools, providing their children with uniform and school meals.


Every team that travels is a role model for positive change. The teams demonstrate respect for women, zero-tolerance of corporal punishment and take time to praise each child’s effort. From this influence Mike has noticed a reduction in school’s using sticks and canes for discipline and a 20% increase in girls staying in education.


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