Salford University present Dave with a Honorary Doctorate

On Tuesday (18th July 2017) our founder was recognised for his invaluable contributions to international charity work by being presented with an honorary doctorate from Salford University.

Mrs Kay Hack, Dean of Health Sciences, said Dave was selected for this prestigious award because he represented the qualities of vision, passion, resilience and social conscience that the University want to see all their students model.

“Dave represents the qualities we want to recommend to all our students. His enthusiasm, selflessness and tenacity to overcome adversity are exactly the attributes we want to see our students equipped with as making a difference in the world is at the heart of the courses we provide at Salford.”

Teams4U have had a long relationship with Salford University, taking teams of students to Uganda for over eight years. These teams provide students with incredible opportunities to experience hospitals and medical facilities in third-world environments whilst volunteering on wider T4U projects.

“Nothing compares. You’re helping crisis areas. I’m a better person thanks to T4U” Lizzie House, Salford Student

Certificate of Doctor Of Letters

“It’s been so touching to receive this award and read everyone’s messages of support. I am humbled that Salford University chose to recognise the work I, and my team do, in this way.” Dave



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